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Neponsit has been designated as one of the few "R-1 Zone" locations in New York.  This Zone prohibits the establishment of any businesses and ensures that only single-family dwellings are erected.


The NPOA represents the community before the Mayor, Borough President, and various City Departments, such as Park, Police, Building, Fire, Sanitation, Department of Transportation, and Department of Environmental Protection.  The NPOA also works closely with the FAA and the Port of New York Authority to help reduce airplane noise pollution. 


The Neponsit Property Owners Association

In 1919 the NPOA was incorporated as a not-for-profit association.

The NPOA is the collective voice of our community.  It is an effective way of preserving the character of Neponsit and maintaining the grassy malls that distinguish many of our streets. 

The NPOA is democratic in organization and function; its directors and are chosen from and elected by the community.  The NPOA meetings are not only a local forum and a delightful social gathering, but also provides an opportunity for members to be informed about local, city and federal issues by speakers responsive to our concerns.  Residents are urged to become active and contributing members, aiding in the beautification and betterment of our Neponsit Community.  The members of the Board of the Neponsit Property Association are volunteers and are not paid for the many hours they give to the community. 

The NPOA helps maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Neponsit.  We cannot depend entirely on the City for the services listed below.

THE BEACH: The NPOA is working diligently on coastal resiliancy, beach erosion, and sand replenishment. The NPOA encourages early cleaning of the Beach,  plants flowers and calls beach violations to the proper authority

THE STREETS: NPOA monitors the streets and alerts the department of Transportation of the need for any street repairs, removes sand from the beach blocks, and plants trees.  As a result of the NPOA's voice, City officials and local police have been working hard to keep the streets safe and enforce and maintain our parking regulations.

THE ISLAND MALLS: The NPOA maintains the island malls on the Boulevard and 142nd and 147th Streets, and supplies plants and gardening.  (The NPOA has prevented the City from removing malls and has even installed, with funds provided by the residents, new plantings on City streets!)


The NPOA is the only orginization representing Neponsit residents.  Its sole interests are community maintenance and betterment.  The NPOA is a vehicle for doing those things jointly, which must and can only be done by community action.  The NPOA exists for the benefit of all Neponsit residents.  We the residents of Neponsit, are the Association.  If all of us join to support it, together we can preserve and improve Neponsit for ourselves and future generations.



  • Dues paying members are the embodiment of the Association

  • The NPOA encourages all Neponsit residents to attend  NPOA meetings.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please come and speak up.

  • Offer to work on Association committees.

  • Pay your dues